After defeat or draw in the first leg: FC Bayern capture the Champions League

Three days after the 1-0 win over FC Oxburg, FC Bayern will return on Tuesday evening (9pm). Main video) At the Alliance Arena at home to take part in the semi-finals of the Champions League. After a 1-0 draw in the first leg, a win against FC Villarreal is now needed to keep the dream of the title alive. Before the crucial second leg, Captain Manuel Neuer had already promised the team: “We will wave it with our spectators.” Looking at the glorious history of the five-time champion, one thing is for sure: this will not be the first turning point.


Since the 1992/93 Champions League season (formerly the European Cup), Munich have won nine knockout matches to advance to the next round of the Premier Class after a defeat or draw in the first leg. Coach Julian Knucklesmann’s team could celebrate a small anniversary: ​​if Bayern had beaten the Spaniards in the semi – finals on Tuesday, they would have reached the next CL round for the tenth time in history without winning the first leg. . Overview of the previous “Bayern Catch-up Hunts”.

1998/99: Semi-final against Dynamo Kiev – first leg: 3-3, second leg: 1-0

In the 1999 Champions League final, Manchester United lost 1-0 in extra time 2-1. It was one of the most painful defeats in FC Bayern history, having previously made a strong record in the semi-finals. Bayern had to be on the ball from the start in the second leg, against Dynamo Kiev – after a 1: 3 deficit – 3: 3 in the first leg. However, even a low draw in Ukraine would have been enough for the Munich team to reach the final, as the away goals were the norm at the time. However, Ottmar Hitzfeld’s team did not get a chance in Kyiv and won 1-0 with Mario Posler’s Golden Goal (35 ‘).

1999/00: Quarterfinals v FC Porto – 1-1 first leg, 2-1 second leg

After a bitter last-minute defeat to Barcelona against Man United, the FCB actually had to extend the quarter-finals against FC Porto to the knockout stage. The 1-1 draw from the first leg required full follow-up work at home at the Olympic Stadium. Like Portugal, Paulo Sergio scored in Munich, and defender Thomas Linge won 2-1 in the third minute of extra time. However, salvation for the home side who had to head out in the semi-final against Real Madrid. The 0: 2 mortgage from the first leg is huge this time …

2006/07: Round of 16v Real Madrid – 1st leg 2-3, 2nd leg: 2-1

Six years after winning “Henkelpokal” for the fourth time against FC Valencia in 2001, the German record champions enjoyed another great moment against another Spanish team – though not exactly the same as the title. In the 16th round, FCB Michael Ballack (who moved to Chelsea in 2006/07) traveled to the “Royal” in the first season and returned to the Bavarian capital with a brief defeat in their luggage. Mark von Bommel increased the chances to “50 to 50” according to Hitsfeld 2: 3 just two minutes before the end of the Bernabeu. The coach’s calculation must work – especially with the fastest goal in Champions League history – Roy McCoy (who took it 1-0 10.12 seconds after the whistle) set the road to victory early in the second leg. It ended in the quarter-final against AC Milan.

2011/12: 16th round against FC Basel – first leg: 0: 1, second leg: 7: 0

Domestic and out-of-home matches can not be so different: In the first match after the group stage, FC suffered a crucial 1-0 defeat at Bayern Basel, which jeopardized the dream of a “final home”. And then it is! A few weeks later, the Swiss had to face a completely different opponent in Munich, who presented themselves in gala form. Best Player: Mario Gomez, who scored, was able to contribute 7-0 to the fours. Remaining History: Marseille and Madrid qualified for the final in Munich, where Chelsea won on penalties.

2013/14: Quarter V Manchester United – First Leg: 1-1, Second Leg: 3-1

Anyone fighting 1-1 from home usually does not have a bad starting position for the second leg. Bayern confirmed this in the quarterfinals of the 2013/14 season. Bastian Schweinsteiger’s 1-1 draw at Old Trafford eight days later in the Alliance arena. There, the “Reds” manifested themselves “devilishly” in a 3-1 victory over the “Red Devils” in the second half. Mario Mandzukic (59 ‘), Thomas Mல்லller (68’) and Arjen Robben (76 ‘) converted 0-1 in 20 minutes. It must have been the last match of this Champions League season, and then the title-winning Real Madrid were so strong in the semi-finals that Munich were knocked out of the tournament with two wins (1-0, 4-0).

2014/15: Round of 16 V Shakhtar Donetsk – first leg: 0-0, second leg: 7-0

Three years after the Basel hammer, Munich won another second leg 7-0 in the Champions League. Back in the 16th round. “Reds” again after the first leg without scoring. This time, Shakhtar Donetsk suffered a significant setback after a promising 0-0 draw at the Alliance Stadium. However, this time there was no four-time goalie in the Munich squad: Thomas Mல்லller’s brace was the pinnacle of emotions, while other goals went to Jerome Badeng, Frank Ribery, Holger Podstopper, Robert Lewandowski and Mario Gotze.

2014/15: Quarterfinal VF FC Porto – First Leg: 1-3, Second Leg: 6-1

Anyone who was already excited after the 16th round should be surprised after the quarterfinals of the same season (2014/15). This time, Bayern’s coach Pep Cardiola’s team turned 1: 3 in a draw against FC Porto in their 100th match as coach. 6: 1 in Munich is an exclamation point! To Thomas Mல்லller, the German goalkeeper who scored 4-0 in the Champions League (27 goals). However, in terms of “twists”, Bayern have exhausted their luck because neither Muller nor Catalan Cardiola were able to convert the first leg defeat to 0: 3 in the semi – final against Barcelona.

2015/16: 16th Juventus Tour – First Leg: 2-2, Second Leg: 4-2

In fact, everything in the first leg pointed to an easy run into the knockout stages: in the 16th round of the 2015/16 season (with goals from M முller and Robben) the “old lady” comfortably took a 2-0 lead ahead of Zoe. Their own ground arose and actually set it up 2: 2. In the second leg in Munich, the spectators enjoyed the opposite game: goals from Paul Pogba and Juan Quadrato saved Juventus Turin 2-0, with Levantovsky and Mல்லller saving extra time. Pep-Elf took this momentum and scored two more goals for Diego and Kingsley Common. Benfica went to the semi-finals against Lisbon Atletico Madrid, where Bayern exited the match.

2021/22: 16th round against FC Salzburg – 1st leg: 1: 1, 2nd leg: 7: 1

Do it again! That’s what fans with black, red and gold glasses on their noses want to call Bayern before the second leg of the quarter-final against Villarreal (first leg: 0-1). Because: Already in the 16th round against RB Salzburg, in the international arena as FC Salzburg, the Knucklesman selection advanced despite the first leg of the draw. Difference: Against the Austrians, a (late) goal was scored in the first minute, with Kingsley Common taking charge at the last minute. In the second leg at the Alliance Stadium, the team around German national player Karim Adomi suffocated. There is no doubt if Munich presses who will advance to the next round with a score of 7: 1. Lewandowski, Brace Mல்லller, Serge Knabry and Leroy Sane, who scored triple goals, will be hoping to save some more goals against Villarreal.


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