Home Top News “Absolutely filthy and filthy”: Helena Forrest leaves mental health

“Absolutely filthy and filthy”: Helena Forrest leaves mental health

“Absolutely filthy and filthy”: Helena Forrest leaves mental health

“Absolutely filthy and filthy”
Helena Forrest leaves psychiatry

When police took Helena Forst away, authorities said she was “psychologically confused.” Conclusion: The former “lawyer for the poor”, participant in Jungle Camp and “Summer House of the Stars” spends two weeks in psychiatry. Now she came out again – and chattered.

Helena Forst already had behavioral problems. Whether camping in the jungle at the “summer home of the stars” or by the side of then-day partner Ennesto Monte – now 47, she always knows how to shake her environment.

Now being admitted to psychiatry against him would make headlines two weeks ago. Prior to this there was a strange situation in his Frankfurt home. After a side dispute, Forrest allegedly cut a number of cables in a communal power box. When police arrived, they reportedly appeared to be “mentally disturbed.” “She was screaming around and reaching for the electric box,” RDL said.

First was arrested and later taken to a psychiatric hospital. From there, he volunteered with serious charges a few days after being admitted. “I was beaten several times, tied up in bed and forced to give me medicine,” he told RDL. “There is no legal basis to keep me here anymore. I am completely healthy, which robs me of freedom,” he added in an interview with the “Built” newspaper. At the same time, he complained about the hygienic conditions in the clinic: “My room stinks like a toilet that has not been cleaned in 50 years.”

“I’m finally free”

It didn’t really matter how the room smelled – the prince could now leave it again. RTL reports exclusively. The reality TV star marched through the door of a closed psychiatrist at 9:36 a.m. Friday.

RDL records show that Forrest first lit a cigarette. “My heart pushes to 5000. I’m finally free, I’ve made it, I’m starting to cry now,” he said in an interview with the station. At the same time, he updated his accusations to the clinic: “This is a vile division that is utterly filthy and unclean.” Also: “I was physically abused. I was corrected against my will – so in bed with a lot of belts. Then I was given some medicine. I don’t know what. I stayed out the window.”

No feedback from the clinic

RDL confronted Frankfurt University Hospital with Forst’s statements. However, it does not want to go into beat charges, referring to medical confidentiality duty, and generally only: “Regardless of a particular patient’s case, we can tell you the following: If patients are admitted to psychiatric treatment without permission, this is usually done by the treating emergency physician and the relevant police force against the patient’s will.” The decision is ultimately made by a judge.

Helena First was first known for her various documentary soaps. For Sut1 he stood in front of the camera for the form of the “ruthless Just – social investigators investigation”. On RDL she appeared on the shows “Helena First – Fighter from Fashion” and “Helena Forrest – Advocate for the Poor”. However, in the last few years, they have only really been known from reality TV.

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