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Allegations against former board members – Aerotec confirm investigation

According to media information, Kai Arndt is said to have provided Austrian investor Michael Togner with inside information during his tenure as chief financial officer of Premium Aerotech in Augsburg. In return, investor Tojner Arndt was said to have been offered a position at one of his companies, according to Business Insider.

A company spokeswoman confirmed to BR that Premium Aerotec is investigating the allegations against Arndt. Arndt was released after the allegations became known, according to Premium Aerotec. This is a common process. In addition, the company did not want to comment on this issue.

Ulrich calls for clarification

Volker Ulrich, a member of parliament in Augsburg, demanded clarification of the allegations against the former chief financial officer of subsidiary Airbus. If confirmed, it is a “fairly questionable” operation. The CSU politician said Premium Aerotec was “obligated to take a stand and clarify the process.”

demerger plans for Premium Aerotec

Airbus plans to split Premium Aerotec into a new company to produce one part and another subsidiary to assemble the fuselage. Personnel representatives are afraid to lay off jobs and, in the worst case, to end the construction of aircraft at Premium Aerotec in Augsburg. The company employs about 2,800 people there.

Tojners Montana Aerospace is trading as buyer

In connection with Premium Aerotec’s split plans, Airbus supplier Montana Aerospace, controlled by Michael Togner, is being traded as a potential buyer. Through its initial public offering of Swiss SIX in May, Montana Aerospace raised about 440 million francs, equivalent to about 400 million euros. According to the company, part of the funds will be used for acquisitions.

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