A governor's ordinance orders ducks to be slaughtered in 99 municipalities in the states

Nearly 144 farms were infected with bird flu in Landes, or 34 more farms in one weekend, according to the latest count from the authorities.

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To fight the bird flu epidemic, the governor has ordered the slaughter of ducks in 99 municipalities in Landes (New Aquitaine), according to reports. France Blue Gascony Monday January 17th.

In the respective protection zone, there are 99 municipalities located mainly in Chalus and Tursan, but now also around Saint-Jeor-de-Marmen. In these 99 municipalities, all ducks must be slaughtered, whether it is a polluted farm or a healthy farm (and then we are talking about preventive slaughter).

According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, on Monday, January 17, 144 farms were infected with bird flu virus in the lands, or 34 more farms in one weekend.

The 99 municipalities in which a duck slaughter order was issued are located in the protection zone. In the observation area, movements are very limited. It is prohibited to establish new ducklings in municipalities that appear in additional regulatory areas. Finally, two temporary restricted areas have been established around Kachin and North Hontanx due to suspected avian influenza.

The virus was first identified in breeding on November 26 at a farm in the town of Warheim (Noord) where 160,000 laying hens were raised throughout the year on the premises. At the end of December, bird flu has already led to the slaughter of about 650 thousand chickens in one month.

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In 2021, the crisis – the third since 2015 – ended at the expense of the slaughter of more than 3.5 million domestic birds, mostly waterfowl, often preemptive.


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