Home entertainment “I think every mother cuts corners.”

“I think every mother cuts corners.”

“I think every mother cuts corners.”

From “dream ship” to the lead actress. Sarah Engels is acting again. With t-online she talks about her movie, pregnancy problems and rejected job opportunities.

Sarah Engels became known as a singer. After participating in DSDS, where the relationship with ex-husband Pietro Lombardi also began, documentaries, game shows and jury in “Das Supertalent” and in 2018 followed her with a role as an actress in “Das Traumschiff”.

In 2021, the singer, who was already pregnant at that time, was again in front of the camera for a movie shoot. In “The Dancer and the Gangster – Love in a Roundabout Way” (Saturday 1, January 17, 8:15 p.m.) Engels plays the lead role of Tony. It has a few things in common with it…

T online: You play the main character Tony, a single mother who has to deal with the debts of her deceased husband. Did you like the role of the single mother at least because you can empathize with her?

Sarah Engels: sum! When I read the final text, I discovered many similarities between me and Tony.

For example, that Tony couldn’t do her job as a musical actress for years because she had to take care of her daughter’s education? As a single parent, have you not been able to accept every good offer?

Yes, there were definitely times when I had to cancel something. Beautiful projects that would have taken me abroad for a few weeks, far from home. But I couldn’t and didn’t want to see that because of Alessio. I think every mom cuts corners because you put the baby first.

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Alessio is now going to school, and you are married, and your daughter is now born too. Are you more free now and will you be able to do more projects again?

It should always be compatible with both children! Alessio goes to school, he has his own rhythm now, you can’t take her out of it anymore, maybe in kindergarten. I am a mother who finds it difficult to be separated from her children for long periods. I couldn’t stand a week without my two young children.

During filming last year, Alessio and Julian were with you in Berlin. And I was pregnant. How was your daily life like?

We had long, exhausting days of shooting, which usually start around 7am. I was also suffering from morning sickness at the time…not ideal, but I had my family with me and it helped. Without the boys I wouldn’t have much energy.

Sarah during filming in Berlin:

Did you manage to reconcile shooting and family?

Yes, they often visited me on the set. We usually had lunch together, but they were traveling alone in Berlin. For me, the best thing after a day of shooting is knowing someone is waiting for me at home.

After you appeared on “Traumschiff” this is your second major role. How did it happen that we could see you as an actress again?

Production approached my department and I if I wasn’t interested in the project. At the time it was still a very rough idea and there was no script. Then a really great writer developed it in consultation with me.

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So you are also a screenwriter now?

not exactly (He laughs). My colleagues have already written it. But we met and then developed concepts together. My wishes and ideas were very well received. The nice thing for me is that I was able to combine both singing and acting in the movie.

"The dancer and the gang"Sarah Engels plays Tony.  By the way, she is the dancer mentioned in the title.  (Source: SAT.1 / André Kowalski)“The Dancer and the Bandit”: Sarah Engels plays Tony. By the way, she is the dancer mentioned in the title. (Source: SAT.1 / André Kowalski)

After your experience on “Dream Ship”, do you want to act more than once?

I am always very happy when I am there again. The second time she was seen was on the New Year’s episode. The “Traumschiff” team is always very nice, working together is always so fun and we’ve been to beautiful places. It has been a really great experience every time.

Were there other acting shows between them?

A few years ago I was asked to make a daily soap. But it cannot be incorporated into my daily life. That would have taken so long that I wouldn’t have been able to do many other projects.

Was it ambitious to show people that Sarah Engels could act too?

Of course I worked with a trainer and prepared for the project for several weeks. I’m not a trained actress, but I really hope that viewers will see and convey how much I put myself in my role.


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