Despite differing opinions, MPs voted on Wednesday to extend the collection of Covid health data as well as the possibility of returning the Border Health Card.

At the request of the opposition, MPs unanimously reduced the deadlines to January 31, 2023 for the collection of Covid health data and a possible border health permit, this Wednesday during a vetting at the Legislature’s First Text Committee. The deadline initially set in the text ran until March 31, 2023.

In a limited scope, this new bill on “monitoring and health security”, which is expected on Monday in the mid-cycle, makes it possible to extend health data collection systems (Covid tests, vaccination) and create a potential health pass at the border if the health situation requires it.

The opposition demanded an earlier review condition. “You no longer have an absolute majority,” L.R. Raphaël Schellenberger and Philippe Gosselin said, so you need “reasonable methods” for the “co-construction” of the law. The rebellious Ugo Bernalesis insisted on the sensitivity of data collection.

Macron’s deputies first stressed the need to “get through winter”, a period seen as at risk of resuming the pandemic. After the session was suspended and a “compromise”, the deputies unanimously adopted two amendments from L.R. Dino Cinieri to bring the deadline to January 31, 2023.

“Il a été convenu que nous puissions nous mettre d’accord sur une date qui serait au 31 janvier et qu’il y ait une convocation du ministre de la Santé à mi-parcours”, an indiqué la rapporteure line ALREM, Caro Regulations.

different decision

L.R. Philippe Gosselin praised the “change of attitudes” of the majority and “very significant progress”.

His colleague Dino Seneri joked, “It’s a logical compromise. When you have a blockage, call me, I’ll make an adjustment for you!”

In the presidential majority, Representative Erwan Balanant hailed this “new way” of “common building” and “mutual listening”.

“For the first time, we discussed, Wow! But let’s not tell stories, you weren’t among the majority in these mods,” said the rebellious Ugo Bernalesis, addressing the big-ideas. “Hurray, we got serious,” also relative to communist Elsa Fosilon.


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