Despite a dominant performance, RB Leipzig could not overcome a 2-2 draw against Real Sociedad at their own Red Bull Arena. Dominico Tedesco’s team dominated the ball for a long time, but conceded two unfortunate goals. In the end, Emil Forsberg at least saved the draw for the Saxons.

If not Nkunku, who?

The real community Started the game against RP Leipzig. The Spaniards put the Saxons under pressure early on as they repeatedly played dirty passes in the built-up game. Thanks to splitting a good spot, the Spaniards got good chances early on. Thus, the opening goal was completed Robin Le Normand, Diego Rico put the ball into the net after the cross and pushed Leipzig back early. (8th.)

Leipzig continued to play bravely forward, unmoved by the early goal. They had more possessions and steadily increased the pressure on the Sociedad goal.

In particular, the tandem of Angelino and Danny Olmo repeatedly threw the Basque defensive line. As a result, guests are limited to protecting themselves. Leipzig, on the other hand, struggled, but rarely had any pressing chances to score.

In the 30th minute, who did Angelino find with a superb cross from the left? Naturally, Christopher Nung! The Frenchman, who has been playing briskly for the past few weeks, gently headed the ball into the right corner from eight meters.

(Photo by Alexander Hassanstein / Getty Images)

As a result, the same image emerged for half an hour, which was clearly visible before the draw. The hosts allowed the ball to run, the guests defended and moved decently.

Leipzig dominates the ball and opponents, with Sociedad happily scoring

The game seemed like surprises were almost impossible. Leipzig was still largely in possession, defending the Real Sociedad without providing relief.

Shock and then surprise following the corner kick that Basque scored for the Leipzig team. Josco Guardiol rose with determination to fight with a header, but unfortunately got the ball in hand. Referee Cüneyt Cakir took a note and decided the penalty kick. This opportunity has passed Michael Oyersapal Did not escape and put his team back in the lead. (64.)

Shortly before, Emil Forsberg had replaced Conrad Lymer in the hosts midfield. It was Sweden that continued to direct the Saxons’ offensive efforts. Sometimes it was Nkunku who ran towards the Sociedad goal and sent the ball a little farther. Not long ago, Forsberg tested guest keeper Matthew Ryan with a shot from a distance.

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In the 80th minute, Dominic Sophosloy, who had come on as a substitute a few seconds earlier, was knocked down by the Spaniards after a brilliant play in the penalty area, which was a tough attack until the referee pointed to that spot. Emil Forsberg Accepting responsibility, Ryan headed the ball into the bottom left corner when it went to the right. (82.)

(Photo by Alexander Hassanstein / Getty Images)

In the 88th minute of the match a frenzy erupted among the Leipzig supporters. Andre Silva put the ball into the net, but Benjamin Heinrich, who sent the ball to his Portuguese teammate, was offside. The goal did not count.

Further offensive attempts by Dominico Tedesco’s team made a significant impact. In the third minute of stoppage time, Heinrich missed the best chance to win when he appeared free in the penalty area of ​​the crowd, but Ryan made a sensational save. Eventually, the Saxons had to settle for a draw that could have been even better.

(Photo by Alexander Hassanstein / Getty Images)


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