5 places to clean up urgently after a cold

You should clean these 5 surfaces after illness

1. Remote control

When you were sick, did you spend a lot of time on the couch and in front of the TV? Totally understandable, because when do you still take the time to relax and let the program pass you by. When cleaning, do not neglect the remote control and quickly clean it with a little disinfectant spray or a hygienic cloth.

2. Door handles and light switches

We use doorknobs and light switches every day and often overlook them when cleaning. Anyone who has caught a cold can take this opportunity to thoroughly clean these surfaces and even keys that you may have rarely used. Ideally, a disinfecting napkin should also be used for this.

3. Toothbrush

Even when we catch a cold, we brush our teeth every day. If you use a manual toothbrush, discard it afterwards. If you use an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth, you need to change the accessory. In addition to toothbrushes, it is also a good idea to rinse and clean your toothbrush cup properly after a cold.

4. Recycle Bin

After getting rid of tons of old tissues, you may want to turn your attention to the trash itself, which is a breeding ground for germs and viruses that gets cleaned up on a regular basis, but especially after the common cold.

5. Toilet

A cold is always associated with the escape of body fluids that contain viruses and pathogens. That’s why you should clean the bathroom well after surviving illness – especially all toilet surfaces. Also, don’t forget to put any used towels in the washing machine.


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