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42 killed in fires in Algeria

42 killed in fires in Algeria

to forest fires in Algeria At least 42 people died. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced, on Tuesday evening, that 25 soldiers had been killed alone in rescue operations Twitter With. In addition, seven civilians were killed in the Tizi Ouzou region, which was badly affected by the fire, the North African country’s Civil Protection Authority reported. Two others were seriously injured.

Soldiers managed to get more than 100 people out of the flames burning in Tizi Ouzou and the Bejaia region, east of the capital. aljeria To be released, Tebboune wrote on.

The Algerian News Agency, citing the authority in charge of forestry in the country, reported that 103 fires broke out in 17 regions of the North African country. In Tizi Ouzou alone, 22 fires broke out in the evening.

Local media reported that the houses had been reduced to rubble. Hotels have been instructed to take in people who have lost their homes to the fire. Trucks loaded with tents, beds, medicine and groceries were supposed to head to Tizi Ouzou from the capital that evening. There were initially no reports of deaths or injuries from other areas.

Most of the fires broke out in Kabylie, a densely forested and densely populated mountainous region east of the capital, Algiers. Interior Minister Beljoud said during his visit to Tizi Ouzou that the fires were “criminal in nature”. It is impossible for 50 fires to break out at the same time. According to media reports, four people suspected of setting themselves on fire were arrested in the state of Medea, 80 kilometers west of Algiers. Many places in Algeria are reporting temperatures in excess of 40 degrees these days. The heat wave must continue for the time being.

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Many countries in the Mediterranean are currently battling severe wildfires. in a Greece 586 fires have broken out across the country in the past few days. The island of Evia is currently being hit particularly hard. Several places were evacuated there. also in Italy Dozens of fury fires. in a Turkey The situation has eased somewhat in the meantime. The neighboring country of Tunisia is also currently experiencing a heat wave. According to the Meteorological Authority, a record temperature of 48 degrees was measured in the capital, Tunis, on Tuesday.


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