4 physical changes with age that are very beneficial

3. Lack of sleep

We love sleeping, but it takes a lot of time! While children still need up to 13 hours of sleep, the need for sleep decreases with age. What is the reason for that? As our bodies grow and the brain also matures, we need a lot of energy and regeneration time. That’s why teens should get up to 10 hours of sleep each night. In old age, 7 hours is easily enough to feel comfortable – what a time saver!

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4. We are more relaxed

Everyone knows it – children do not move from room to room, but run. Do you sit on the sofa and look at a book? Scarcely! She jumps, she jumps, she whizzes. The younger we are, the more pent-up energy we have. This is not only the case with us humans, but also applies to animals – for example with dogs or cats, which are more playful like small animals.

Of course it’s great to be full of energy and drive! However, this part of serenity is somehow very interesting and above all useful for the mind. You become nervous less quickly, are less tense, become more impatient and can focus longer. The older we get, the less we allow ourselves to be stressed – which also has a lot of health effects on our bodies. If you still care about adequate healthy outdoor exercise, you are doing it all now.


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