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3 exercises that burn calories properly

3 exercises that burn calories properly

These three exercises burn a lot of water calories

1. Jet skiing

Cycling for the elderly? Absolutely not, because riding a jet ski can burn up to 800 kcal per hour. In addition, it is a file effective anti-cellulite treatment, Because the movement in the water massages the skin and muscles in a similar way to lymphatic drainage and promotes the removal of harmful deposits. Aqua cycling butt and legsTighten the muscles of the body.

2. Diving

People who are afraid of heights must be very brave now, because high diving is both a physical and mental challenge. Climbing stairs puts a lot of stress on the large muscle groups in the buttocks and legs, and also causes a great deal of stress. quantity and energy burnt. When jumping, our body is tense, and the difference in water temperature greatly stimulates metabolism, burning extra calories. Tip: Work slowly, meter by meter.

3. Water polo

No, you don’t have to join a sports club right away to play water polo. Grab your best friend and get started. Water polo offers a An effective full body workout, in which the entire muscular system is strengthened, especially in the arms, back and abdomen. The deeper you are in the water, the greater the effect of the training. In addition, the cardiovascular system benefits from ball sports in the water.

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