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1: 1 – Hansa Rostock misses victory over SV Chandusan | NDR.de – Game

1: 1 – Hansa Rostock misses victory over SV Chandusan |  NDR.de – Game

Status: 10/17/2021 3:25 pm

FC Hansa Rostock scored points in the second division match, but missed the home win they had hoped for. At Ostseestadion, the McLenbergs played SV Sandhausen 1: 1 (0: 1) on Sunday – eventually the three of them were very close.

Martin Schneider

With his sixth goal of the season, John Verhoek saved the Rostockers from defeat to a direct rival. Nevertheless, the North Germans will not be satisfied due to the ratio of the game and the chances of scoring more in the second round. With eleven points, Hansa is currently 13th in the table. “I’ve only seen one team here that wants to win the game, and that’s us,” said Hansa coach Jens Hartell.

Coach Jens Hartell from Second Division Football Club FC Hansa Rostock

Audio: Hartell: “We clearly dominated the game” (3 min)

From the beginning, things went well on the Baltic coast. Both teams brought tough fights to the field and it doesn’t take much imagination to know what that means for the quality of the game. Hansa divided into several grades and tried to win on long, passive balls. The first goal opportunity of the meeting came from a corner in the 19th minute. Rostock’s attacker Ridge Muncie was not noticed in the distance by Chandawusen, who only headed to the side net. Hansa is the tallest, most possessive and pitch-determining team.

Chandavusen got out of nowhere

But then the McLenbergs surprised the guests: Arne Sieker scored on the edge of the offside in the 30th minute to make it 1-0 for Santos. But the victory drew a lot of criticism, which caused dissatisfaction among the silent Hansa fans in the arena. 21,200 spectators again expressed anger in the 37th minute when Rostock handball complained in the penalty area of ​​the sand houses. The video assistant was turned on again to the detriment of the hosts. Charleson Penshop of Santawson shot himself and the penalty whistle did not come. To make matters worse, Calogero Rizzuto received his fifth yellow card, so leading player FC lost to McLenberg in the next game at St Paul’s.

Verhoek can be celebrated

Hansa invested heavily at the start of the second round. On deep ground, Hanno Behrens had a great idea in the 54th minute. His pass striker John Verhoek finished 1: 1 at the Sand Homes defense interface. The equation was worthwhile, but like the first section, the guests had an unexpectedly great opportunity. Nick Omladic played a devastating pass to the opponent in his own penalty area, and eventually Marcus Colke spoke brilliantly against Penshop (60th).

Double misfortune for aluminum in the final stage

After this shock, only the hosts played. But Santa Hussein defended perfectly and Rostock was hard to break. The chance to win came in the 81st minute – what a chance! Behrens hit the crossbar first, and the alternate Strelly Mamba retrieved the post – and Behrens made his second attempt towards the goal in seconds! The Hansa soldiers could not believe their misfortune and were stunned on the lawn. Although Coke pushed towards victory in the final minutes, the big chance was gone.

Match 10, 10/17/2021 1:30 p.m.

Hansa Rostock


SV Chandavusan



Hansa Rostock:
Colke – Risudo, d. Meiner, Robach, Neuthard (82nd Mayor) – Fred, H. Behrens (82nd Tulzewik), Rhine (72nd Path) – Omladic, Munsi (72nd Mamba) – Verhoek

SV Chandavusan:
Trois – Digmeier, Kister (52nd Dykite), Shiro, Siker – Zenga, Ritzmeyer (90th + 3rd Hon), Eswain (77th Chou), Okaroji – Benshop, Kaita – Royal (77th Destroy)


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