Lidl hammer!  This product will not soon be offered by the discount

Lidl hammer! This product will not soon be offered by the discount

Lidl: The Discster Success Story

Lidl: The Discster Success Story

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determination Lidl Nestlé Vitel mineral water will not be served in any of its branches in Germany. Nestlé will not renew its contract with Lidl.

Lidl Previously it was one of the most important mineral water sales partners in Germany.

Lidl: You will soon be looking for this product on the shelves in vain

Nestlé has long been criticized for its water production in Vittel, France. Now the group appears to be pulling out with the slammed mineral waters Vettel.


This is the Lidl:

  • The first Lidl branches opened in Ludwigshafen in the 1970s
  • In 1999, Lidl was the first to introduce scanner cash registers
  • Lidl has branches in almost every country in Europe
  • Even in the United States there are about 100 branches
  • Over 190,000 employees worldwide, in Germany over 70,000 (as of 2020)


A group spokeswoman confirmed to Manager Magazin that Nestlé would not extend its contract with discount company Lidl. The contract expires at the end of October 2021. The decision is based on a joint vote with the opponent.

Lidl: Nestlé Vettel Mineral Water will no longer be offered in discount stores

So far, Nestlé did not want to comment on the reasons for the decision. Opponent Lidl has yet to comment on the decision. No information has been given about Vittel’s other sales channels in Germany either.

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Mineral water has been under criticism for years. It has been extracted from wells in the French city since the early 1990s. according to “shop manager“Residents and conservationists criticize, because this is causing the water level in the village to sink, which means it is gradually drying up. Nestlé is well aware that the group’s activities are lowering the water table. In the meantime, they are withdrawing less water than allowed. ( GB)


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