Home Top News 0-0 in the Europa Conference League against Copenhagen PS

0-0 in the Europa Conference League against Copenhagen PS

0-0 in the Europa Conference League against Copenhagen PS

0: 0 Jagan Kupio

Reaches Union Committee position in Europa Conference League

From Taiwo Avoni 1. FC Union Berlin in a fight against a Cuban PS player (Image: Imago Images / Matthias Koch)

Imego Images / Matthias Koch

Video: rbb 24 | 08/26/2021 | Torston Michaels | Image: Imego Images / Matthias Koch

In the second round of the Europa Conference League playoffs, 1. FC Union Berlin split 0-0 from Kuopion PS. This was enough for the Copenhagen to advance to the group stage of the international tournament.

1. FC Union Berlin draw with Finnish club Kuopion PS in the second round of the Europa Conference League playoffs. The Bundesliga team has now entered the group stage of the new international tournament and now expects attractive opponents in Friday’s draw in Istanbul.

The union was powerful from the beginning

Despite leading 4-0 from the first leg, the hosts immediately put pressure in front of 22,000 spectators and created several chances. Union striker Taiwo Avoni had the chance to score the opening goal in the 8th and 9th minutes of the match. Only the double scorer from the first leg dominated the left side of the opponent’s penalty area and passed the ball. The Nigerian then headed towards the goal after a trim cross, but guest keeper Johannes Kritl said goodbye in a flash. Five minutes later, the Copian goalkeeper snatched another header from the air – this time by Robin Noch.

After the initial Storm and Trang phase, the hosts shifted down one or two gears without losing control of the game. It enlivened the fans, so Union songs are heard over and over again at the Olympic Stadium, where Herta PSC usually plays home games. It was in this setting that the first guest attack took place. When defender Timo Palmcord adjusted his base shoe to the side, Finns took advantage of the brief excess. Virinen exited the turn, but Union midfielder Timothy Buchas blocked the Valley.

Excellent scoring opportunity shortly before the break

Shortly before the break, 1. FC Union Berlin should have taken the lead. Christopher Trimmel crossed the attacking side too fast past Cedric T-shirt, who played at full speed on Taio Avoni. But the Union attackers shot the ball free in front of the Copian goalkeeper. The 24-year-old would not have missed this opportunity in the first match. Turkish referee Hull then asked for a break in the Umud Meller locker room.

Pyro show on resume

Union fans opened the second part of the game with a pyro show. They illuminated the Olympic Stadium with yellow and red torches. For this, UEFA will of course impose fines on Köpenickers. Ten minutes later the smoke came out and the fans themselves were only distracted by the sound. Meanwhile, no fireworks exploded in the meadow.

That changed in the 56th minute. Duchard sent Sheraldo Becker vertically as he passed Avoni. But the Finnish defense focused and destroyed the corner, which did not bring further union opportunity. Union coach Urs Fischer Taiwo Awoniyi then switched to Andreas Vokalsamar, while Becker replaced Kevin Behrens. Two new forces immediately put the danger in the penalty area for the guests, capturing the ball, but the Buchas eventually clearly missed.

Both goalkeepers with strong goals

And hosts again. After an accurate free-kick cross from Trimmel in the 67th minute, his defense mate Manuel Friedrich dived to the diving header. But the attack ended in the hands of the Finnish goalkeeper. And his colleague Andreas Lot was able to differentiate himself. After Nislay’s hard shot, the Union goalkeeper got his right hand on the ball.

Then the break continued: Marcus Ingwarden came on for Genki Haraguchi and Julian Ryerson for Christopher Trimmel. Ars Fisher stuck to his position-based exchange policy. In the 75th minute, goalkeeper Louth again broke a great chance for Kuopion PS. Harala came freely into the penalty area and tried to tunnel against the union keeper, but last time he pressed his feet and blocked the goal.

At the final whistle, neither team had game accents so 1. FC Union Berlin and Kuopion PS split 0-0. Copenhagen moved to the group stage of the Europa League, and Finns was eliminated.

Broadcast: rbb 24, 08/26/2021, 9.45pm

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