Home Top News Paskenderby: Real Sociedad wins by Remiro’s mistake

Paskenderby: Real Sociedad wins by Remiro’s mistake

Paskenderby: Real Sociedad wins by Remiro’s mistake

Athletic Bilbao scored a point (1-1) at Pasquander in Real Sociedad. The home side actually had all the trumps in their hands, but keeper Remiro slipped through with a free kick.

Then equalize: & nbsp;

Then the equalizer: Iger Munian’s goal saved Bilbao by one point.
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The game started with a sigh of relief as Williams headed home keeper Remiro 1-0 on the last long ball, but the Arits kept a dangerous but strong defense (1st). Then the clash was flat, with no pressing chances to score in the first round and, after all, Isaac approached twice (19th, 37th).

The second section should be something countable. Merino took the ball in the penalty area and was knocked down by Inigo Martinez – penalty for the hosts. Isaac took charge, not shooting particularly well, but caught Simon on the wrong foot – 1-0 for La Real (58th).

Bilbao gets more than a point

Bilbao did not have much of an attack throughout the game. The French had a good chance to equalize, but Remiro was on the post against Header (68th). After the traffic light card against Inigo Martinez (84th), even the guests had to play in large numbers in the final. Not much mention of the guest point. But then Munion scored a free kick directly from the corner of the penalty area – keeper Remiro missed the ball (90. + 1). The keeper immediately tapped his hand in front of his face. He knew: the target was in his hat.

Goals and cards

1: 0Isaac (58 ‘, Penalty Kick, Merino)

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1: 1Muniyan (90 ‘)

The real Sociedad San Sebastian

St. Sebastian

Athlete Bilbao



Juan Martinez Munuera

Juan Martinez Munuera

Game Info

But the Real Sociedad team had a little more consolation because the hosts took first place. However, a game on the back of Real Madrid and Sevilla is short.


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