Young Doctors: Excluded from the Program

Young Doctors: Excluded from the Program

Next week should “In All Friendship – Young Doctors” Pause…

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“In All Friendship – Young Doctors”– Fans Attention: Next week we will have to do without a new episode of the series Doctor, because the first episode was canceled on May 26! Instead, “The Coastal Pilots – Little Sister, Big Brother” will air from 6:30 p.m. before “Tagesschau” continues at 8 p.m.

Reason for changing this program: It’s Ascension Day or Father’s Day and like other broadcasters, ARD also has a special program for holidays, which is why viewers have to do without news from Julia, Florian, Elias and Bahracin.

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“Young Doctors”: This is how it continues after the broadcast is interrupted

But starting June 2, the current episode of “Die Junge Ärzte” will air as usual on Thursday evenings at 6:50 p.m. It begins with the episode “Freundschaft”, where Lila and Matthew have to hurry to help a brother on a farm far from Erfurt. The doctor is putting her life in danger. Will you get out of the situation safely?

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Meanwhile, Elias struggles with his idea of ​​calm and the bourgeoisie – until his confused patient wanders into Johannes Tal’s clinic after surgery. Meanwhile, Emma Kay who’s visiting Erfurt helps and makes her reconsider – with a surprising result…

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