Lufthansa Group has received support from Rome Airport for the acquisition of Italian airline ITA.

It has long been known that Lufthansa Group and MSC are bidding for the acquisition of ITA Airways. Close to the end of the bidding period, Lufthansa and MSC are getting great support from Rome Airport, such as mentioned.

An exciting race between two favorites for possession

ITA Airways is still 100% owned by the Italian Ministry of Finance. But the airline will be privatized in the near future. The bidding period currently runs until May 23.

Crop flight view of ETA airlines

In addition to Lufthansa and MSC, Air France KLM along with Delta Air Lines and American Airlines investor Indigo Partners are also vying to acquire ITA Airways. However, the latter is given little chance to seize it. So it will be an interesting race between Lufthansa with MSC and Air France-KLM with Delta Airlines. Shortly before the end of the bidding phase, Rome Airport, the main airport for ITA Airways, spoke.

On the other hand, Lufthansa has specialized in the hub model and in the national airlines that maintain their identity.

Marco Troncone, Director of Rome Fiumicino Airport

Handelsblatt’s interview with airport chief Marco Troncone revealed his support for Lufthansa and MSC as acquisition partners. And his clear positioning strengthens the defense of the German-Swiss team, as the general concept is “very convincing”. Within the Lufthansa network, Troncone can imagine Rome Airport as a communications hub for Southeast Asia and North and South America. But he also respects the bidder Air France-KLM along with Delta Air Lines. However, their orientation has a lot to do with Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Conclusion on Lufthansa’s acquisition of ITA Airways

It has become exciting to acquire ITA Airways. Two partnerships are at the top of the list for the privatization of the Italian airline. Rome Airport has already found its favourite with Lufthansa and MSC. It remains to be seen if the contract will eventually be awarded. We will continue to report the decision.


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