“You stay out now”: NASA boss warns about China’s space program

“You get out now”
NASA chief warns about China’s space program!

Bill Nelson thinks China’s lunar ambitions are a military project. NASA boss also complains about technology theft – and worries the Chinese could “invade” the moon.

NASA chief Bill Nelson has warned about China’s space program. “We should be very worried about China landing on the moon: it’s ours now, you stay out,” he told “Bild” newspaper: “China’s space program is a military space program.” Unlike the American “Artemis” project, the Chinese are not ready to share their research results and use the moon together. “There’s a new race to space – this time with China.”

China is working on putting its own astronauts on the moon. The People’s Republic has landed research robots on the lunar surface several times and successfully returned lunar rocks to Earth. By the 2030s, according to Chinese state media reports, a permanent station on the moon is to be built. So the research station can be set up and operated jointly with Russia.

Asked what military objectives China might have in space, Nelson told the newspaper, “Well, what do you think is going on with the Chinese space station? They’re learning to destroy other people’s satellites.” Additionally, Nelson lamented China’s technology theft: “China is good. But China is also good because they steal other people’s ideas and technologies.”

China wants to be in league with America

With the “Artemis” project, the US space agency wants to bring American astronauts back to the moon, including a woman and a non-white one for the first time – as early as 2025. Then a rover should accompany them. Also, outposts are to be established on the moon and its orbit.

The last time an American astronaut walked on the moon was exactly 50 years ago. Between 1969 and 1972, the United States was the only country to land a total of twelve astronauts on the moon with the “Apollo” missions. Beijing wants to play in a space league with the US. So the construction of the first native space station “Tiangong” (Heaven Palace) is pushed forward with speed. The People’s Republic has invested billions in its space program and has already had some success. China is the first country to land a spacecraft and probe rover on the dark side of the moon.


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