Home science You should know these six symptoms of shingles

You should know these six symptoms of shingles

You should know these six symptoms of shingles

3. Visual disturbances

Because the varicella zoster virus affects nerve roots, shingles can attack any nerve in the body. It is not uncommon for the facial area to be affected, which can lead to visual disturbances. In the case of severe cycles until complete vision loss occur fall appear.

4. Fatigue and fever

Aside from characteristic symptoms such as a rash and nerve pain, widespread symptoms can also occur with shingles. For example, many patients experience unusual tiredness or a slight fever even before the rash appears. If these general symptoms occur along with severe nerve pain, you should contact your trusted doctor for a possible diagnosis or to be able to rule out something worse.

5. Facial paralysis

The varicella zoster virus can damage and irritate nerves. If herpes zoster occurs on the face, the median facial nerve can also be affected. Sometimes irritability can also be noted here with facial paralysis. In some cases, this can lead to paralysis of half of the face. If you notice paralysis on one side of your face, you should definitely see a doctor. These could also be signs of a stroke.

6. Stomach problems

In addition to the typical skin rash, shingles can also cause stomach problems. This can take shape Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and indigestion To express. Stomach problems often occur when the virus infects the abdominal nerves. Proper medical care and a healthy diet can help relieve stomach problems associated with herpes zoster.

Shingles vaccination

Because of the potential complications and long-term consequences, the Standing Committee on Immunization (STIKO) recommends that everyone over the age of 60 be vaccinated against herpes zoster. People with underlying diseases should be vaccinated from the age of 50. Therefore, at your next visit to the doctor’s office, please speak to a doctor you trust about getting vaccinated if you belong to a risk group.

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Information about the shingles vaccination can also be found on the website of Impfmittelherstellers GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) under www.impfen.de/guertelrose. From 27 February to 5 March 2023, GSK is launching ‘Shingles Health Week’ with exciting events and educational campaigns.


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