Yes word about Mallorca: Nico Santos is under the hood

Yes word about Mallorca: Nico Santos is under the hood

In Mallorca I say yes
Nico Santos is in charge

As a juror on “The Voice of Germany”, one has to consider whether Nico Santos always wants to return for talent. On the other hand, with his girlfriend Eileen, he has long had no doubt that he will add her to his team. The two are currently married.

Nico Santos once raised his voice. The coach of “The Voice of Germany” married his girlfriend Eileen in Mallorca, as documented by several photos of the singer on his Instagram account.

You can find different records of romantic celebration. The first picture shows a newlywed couple kissing in front of an arch decorated with flowers. The bride is wearing a floor-length shoulder-length white tool gown with a thin lace veil. She styled her blonde hair in a loose outfit. Santos opted for a cream suit with a white shirt and dark brown suede shoes for his big day.

Another photo shows the couple kissing. The third picture shows a newlywed couple fighting with Pinota. Finally, the fourth snapshot demonstrates how the two are celebrated by the other wedding guests, who are dressed in bright outfits.

“Like a picture book”

In the description, the singer only linked the account of his loved ones. He also added a small heart.

Many stars and colleagues of Santos greeted the newlyweds in the comments. “Your love story is like a picture book. Congratulations! I’m so glad for you,” wrote influencer Doggie Bee. Further congratulations came from Lena Kerke, Victoria Swarovski, Rebecca Mir, Michael Schultz and Lena Meyer-Landrude. “The best couple in the world!” Alvaro Solar cheered.

Nico Santos’ real name is Nico Wellenbring. He is the son of Akon Wellenbring, who is remembered by many as “Melita Man” because he starred in several commercials for the coffee brand in the 1990s. Nico Santos, on the other hand, began his career as a musician at a young age. Now 29, he celebrated his breakthrough in 2017 with the success of “Rooftop”.


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