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He did it again… The builder of Villa Underground is digging again… This time with a colleague and this time to relax, in the middle of the woods. See: Two men, two spades and a lot of knowledge. Because craftsmen build a swimming pool! And all with just your hands, simple tools and great power. First, a large hole was dug in the ground, several meters deep … It should be worth it. Next, the columns are dredged at the edges of the pit and the chambers are hammered into the pool wall. The longer the two men worked, the clearer they became dissatisfied with the simple pool. Almost everything is like an antique bath house – completely underground, made of mud and in the middle of the Cambodian jungle. The highlight of the construction: two openings on the side walls. Through them, men fill the pond with water and … later use it as a slide! This isn’t the first time a “do-it-yourself” video from Cambodia has gone viral on the Internet. Ancient building traditions passed from generation to generation and are still in use today – with impressive results.


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