Why was Shakira really in the hospital

by Alexander Frederick

Clarification on Twitter! Spanish media reported that star Shakira, 45, was taken to the emergency room of a clinic in Barcelona on May 28. Accordingly, the singer had a panic attack on the street in front of her house.

According to “Hello!” Shakira cried uncontrollably. Her ex-boyfriend, soccer star Pique (35), is said to have been there.

The Queen of Pop is now giving all the clarity on Twitter: She’s fine herself!

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And Shakira was not sick and did not accept, as she says herself. However, eyewitnesses who saw her in an alarmed ambulance are correct. Because it wasn’t Shakira herself who was bad, but her father!

“My father had a bad fall and I was with him in an ambulance that took him to a clinic where he is now recovering,” Shakira wrote on Twitter. Shakira does not write down whether she actually had a panic attack. She invites her fans to wish her father, William Mubarak (90), well.

┬íHola reported! Shakira was taken to the Teknon clinic in the Catalan capital last weekend. Barcelona star Pique and Shakira’s mother Nydia del Carmen Ripoll followed the ambulance by car.

Shakira and Gerard Pique at the 2019 Tennis Championships Photo: picture alliance / dpa / Europa Press

Even if now everything is clear about her health – Shakira’s love life is in tatters. Saturday The singer officially announced the end of her relationship with Pique through her agency.

Catalan daily El Periodico reported only Thursday of an imminent split between the world and European champion and the pop singer after the musician was caught cheating on the center back.


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