Brake problems: Mercedes recalls nearly a million cars worldwide

brake problems
Mercedes recalls nearly one million cars worldwide

Mercedes-Benz stands for safety. But this cannot be the case in hundreds of thousands of vehicles from the manufacturer. Corrosion in certain places is the cause. Mercedes is now beginning a massive recall campaign.

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly one million vintage cars worldwide due to potential brake problems. Accordingly, ML, GL and R-Class cars manufactured between 2004 and 2015 were affected, the authority announced in its recall database. Germany probably owns close to 70,000 cars.

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In the worst case, wear of the brake booster can lead to a breakdown in the connection between the brake pedal and the brake system. “As a result, the service brakes failed,” the Federal Office reported.

The Stuttgart-based manufacturer has announced that the brake booster in affected cars is no longer working properly due to wear on the housing joints – and this has led to a review of individual cases. Under certain conditions, wear can lead to brake booster leakage and brake booster leakage.

“As a result, the actuation forces on the brake pedal required to slow the car will increase and the braking distance may be longer. This may be associated with a hiss or a flowing noise when the brakes are applied.” Mercedes has confirmed the information provided by the office, according to which, in extreme cases, it may not be possible to brake the car using the service brake. “This would increase the risk of accidents or injuries,” a spokesman said.

Mercedes-Benz will start checking cars immediately. “We ask that you do not use the vehicle until the time of the examination.” If necessary, the manufacturer will provide solutions to the owners. In mid-May, Mercedes-Benz announced a recall in the USA for brake problems on good 292,000ml, GL and R cars from the 2006 to 2012 model years.

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