Why should windows be sprayed with vinegar?


  • The Vigilance Moustiques website reports that the tiger mosquito has settled in 64 departments and is active in 67% of French territory.
  • The mosquito kills 725,000 people each year, ahead of humans, who kill 475,000 victims.

It is known that you do not catch flies with vinegar … nor do mosquitoes, because they hate its smell!

While the tiger mosquito in particular, which can transmit Zika, malaria and dengue fever, is now well established in the territory and is particularly active, white vinegar, a miracle and a natural home product, is already effective against mosquitoes that claim themselves into our homes.


To do this, simply spray it on the window frames, which will keep many insects at a distance: not only mosquitoes, but also flies and even ticks that abound during hot weather.

It’s a repellent that is safe for humans and the environment and at a lower cost. It’s easy to prepare: just dilute white vinegar with water in equal amounts in a spray bottle and use it around windows and doors.

natural means

If the smell of white vinegar bothers you, there are other natural ways to scare away mosquitoes, such as soap when it contains essential oils with repellent properties.

Instead of using contaminated aerosol cans or electric mosquito repellents for chemicals and allergens DEET, You can also use garlic (which mosquitoes hate) or slice a lemon and squeeze a few cloves of it before applying it indoors or out.

Onions are also very useful: keeping them cut in half near the bed or near window sills will finally allow you to have a peaceful night.


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