More and more parties represented in the Thuringian state parliament are rejecting additional admission of Afghan refugees in Thuringia. In addition to the AfD, the CDU has clearly positioned itself today and critical voices have increased even in the ruling SPD. to the free state. The Federal Ministry of the Interior categorically rejected only the Thuringian admission plans submitted there at the beginning of October. Accordingly, the responsible Thuringian minister, Dirk Adams (Green) relied on new impulses from the newly established federal government, in which his party was likely represented. “We hope that the new federal government will adhere to a responsible refugee policy and take a humane path,” he said. Astrid Ruth Benlich, chair of his parliamentary group in the Thuringian state parliament, called the rejection notice a “farce”. “The situation in Afghanistan has since worsened, the local Afghan staff have relied on us and are very disappointed, and families have failed,” she recently said.
Thuringian Linke, as the most powerful ruling party, has repeatedly called for an increase in the admission quota and for the admission of more refugees from Afghanistan. Individual county associations such as Nordhäuser have received the designation of the area as a safe haven?? Connected, which was rejected by the majority of the members of the district council.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) parliamentary group warned today of frightening chaos in the reception of refugees in Thuringia. “The state government is heading towards disaster,” immigration policy spokesman Marcus Mallesh was quoted as saying. Suhl’s initial reception facility is already operating beyond the maximum load limit, and buses come at night without registration, according to the press release. “The state government has a responsibility to the municipalities to ensure safe reception venues and operations,” said Marcus Malch, and argues that if more real estate is to be made the first reception point to relieve Suhl, the state government must come last. With submitting a plan. While nearly two-thirds of the federal states have already withdrawn the emergency brake and the nationwide distribution system?? EASY?? (The first distribution of asylum seekers) confirmed the existence of an exception regulation for refugees in order to be able to establish the necessary structures, and Thuringia continues to accept.
?? The state government plan hundreds of immigrants in the next two weeks only?? Partially with a long criminal record?? Malish warned that distributing it to the municipalities will not work.

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At the moment, the state government is not even able to provide adequate food for the refugees residing in Suhl. In contrast, theft crimes have increased in the past few days, says the CDU politician in the state government in a devastating verdict. He referred to requests for assistance from Suhl, which the parliamentary group has been receiving.

In addition, Malch made it clear that the currently very large number of refugees can only be dealt with if the state government finally shows more consistency with the deportations. Thuringia currently has several hundred refugees who have proven not to adhere to the rule of law in order to remain in Germany. If our asylum system is to work, accepting those who need protection and deporting those who no longer qualify for residency should always be two sides of the same coin,” Malch explained.

The day before yesterday, the director of the SPD district in Nordhausen, Matthias Gendriche, also drew attention to the problems that occurred when he indicated that it is currently not even possible to expel Afghan nationals who have committed criminal offenses because there is no longer a direct flight connection between Germany. and Afghanistan, but it is a prerequisite for successful deportations. We do not need a new entry unit for Thuringia and we will not solve the problems of Afghanistan if we bring in unlimited numbers of people?? Jendricke said regarding Thursday accidents In the North House Church. In light of the unsatisfactory situation at the initial reception center in Suhl, his party leader and Interior Minister George Mayer does not currently support additional reception of Afghan refugees.
Olaf Schulz

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