When we quit our jobs, we questioned our sanity: A stock trader and his wife set up the U.K.s biggest Christmas wonderland, earning nearly $30 million this year

Title: Lapland U.K. Brings Magical Christmas Experience to Families, Expects $30 Million in Revenue

Lapland U.K., the enchanting Christmas experience designed for families, is set to generate an impressive $30 million in revenue this year. Created in 2007 by Alison and Mike Battle, the immersive world of Lapland U.K. has captivated children and adults alike during the festive season.

Incorporating the expertise of Hollywood set designers, actors, and beloved Christmas characters, Lapland U.K. offers a range of activities such as ice skating, toy making, and the opportunity to meet Father Christmas himself. This unique approach has attracted over 1 million guests since its inception, including celebrities and even members of royalty.

The idea for Lapland U.K. arose when Alison, a former elementary school teacher, was disheartened by the lack of memorable holiday experiences available for her own children. Determined to create a truly magical and immersive environment, the couple invested in detailed props, storybooks, and personalized interactions with Santa Claus.

Initially skeptical, Mike, a former stock trader, questioned the leap into the Christmas business. However, he is now appreciative of the creativity and risk-taking that the venture has allowed him to embrace. The couple financed the launch of Lapland U.K. by refinancing their home and borrowing money from friends and family. Their decision to maintain full ownership of the business and reject investor pressure has been a key factor in their success.

Lapland U.K. has become a true family affair, with two of the couple’s sons now working full-time in the business. Looking towards the future, Lapland U.K. has plans for international expansion and spreading the magic of Father Christmas through their storybooks.

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Alison and Mike’s ultimate goal is to provide families with a truly special and unforgettable Christmas experience. They aim to be the “iPhone of Christmas experiences,” constantly innovating and setting the bar high for magical holiday attractions. With their unwavering commitment to their vision, Lapland U.K. is well on its way to becoming a market leader in the industry.

As the festive season approaches, families can look forward to creating cherished memories, stepping into the enchanting world of Lapland U.K., and experiencing the magic of Christmas come to life.

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