Home Sports Whats Next for Coach Antonio Pierce after Raiders Kliff Kingsbury Hiring?

Whats Next for Coach Antonio Pierce after Raiders Kliff Kingsbury Hiring?

Whats Next for Coach Antonio Pierce after Raiders Kliff Kingsbury Hiring?

The Las Vegas Raiders have been busy making major moves this offseason, shaking up their coaching staff and making new hires. One of the biggest additions to the team is Kliff Kingsbury, who has been brought on as the team’s offensive coordinator. This hiring completes the last major box that the organization needed to check off.

The majority of the changes made to the coaching staff are happening on the offensive side of the ball. The team has decided to part ways with former coaches Bo Hardegree and Carmen Bricillo, making room for fresh talent to come in and make a difference. Kingsbury will now work closely with head coach Antonio Pierce in building the rest of the offensive staff.

In addition to the changes on the offensive side, the Raiders have also made some additions to the defensive coaching staff. Ricky Manning and Gerard Alexander are among the new faces that have been brought in to help strengthen the team’s defensive unit. Patrick Graham will take the lead as the team’s defensive coordinator, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

But the coaching changes don’t stop there. Marvin Lewis has been hired as Pierce’s assistant head coach, adding even more experience and leadership to the team. Lewis, a former head coach himself, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will undoubtedly benefit the Raiders.

Another interesting development is the interview of former Raiders head coach Hue Jackson for a role on the offensive staff. Jackson has ties to Lewis, which could potentially make for a seamless transition and collaboration. It remains to be seen what role Jackson will take on, but his presence could bring a new dynamic to the team.

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While the coaching changes are well underway, Pierce still has more business to attend to before the offseason transitions to player additions. It will be exciting to see what other moves the Raiders make in order to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season.


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