Just before deep sleep, the brain is on high alert and can solve problems that cannot be solved. explanations.

It’s often seen as a loss of efficiency, a moment of laziness, sleep (and especially naps!) not a great corporate friend. However, a study revealed thatIt can be a great creativity booster ! We call it the Eureka moment. explanations. This is a study conducted by Inserm and Salpêtrière Hospital, Published in Science Advances Which indicates that.

The researchers behind this work were inspired by a legend, according to which Thomas Edison, inventor, scientist and founder of General Electric, took a super creative nap. To solve a problem he couldn’t find an answer to while awake, he slept with a metal ball in one hand above the floor. When he fell asleep, his hand released the block that instantly woke him up: Caused by flashes of creativity.

Myth or scientific fact?

To find out if this Eureka moment, which is provoked at the onset of sleep, could work, scientists had the idea to test it on 103 people. They had an arithmetic problem to solve, and the solution existed in a single formula, which they didn’t know at the time. Those who failed to find the formula awake were naps like Edison.

The result was clearly convincing: Spending at least 15 seconds in this first stage of sleep after falling asleep doubles the chances of finding this hidden base, with the effect of ‘Eureka! “The famous. This effect disappeared if people fell into a deeper sleep.” , Celia Lacko, first author of the study, explains.

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This says, If the nap is too long, creativity will not be boosted in the same way at all. So we must find the right way to wake up right after this pleasant stage of sleep.

source : Fall asleep, creativity booster?And Inserm, December 10, 2021.

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