“What is Kebekus?”: Evelyn Burdecki is driving Jauch crazy

“What is kebekus?”
Evelyn Burdecki drives Gauch crazy

By Nina Jerzy

In episode 1500 of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” it was Evelyn Burdecki who finally gave Günter Gautsch the rest. He has no sweatpants and no patience either: “I don’t argue!” Unlucky Janus Biggerl gets a second chance and a surprisingly short gauche summer.

When she was asked for five euros, Evelyn Burdecki was very confused. “What is Kebekus?” asked the surprise guest of the 1500th anniversary broadcast of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Günther Jauch was already suspicious of something bad. But on Thursday night, he showed a good face to a bad game at first. “The female form of the coconut,” he “explained” to the guest when asked about comedian Caroline Quebecos. Burdecki should know: “Does the ciquebus love the male, does he love…?” , the answer: “Caro boys”. But Burdecki needed the help of the previous candidates to get through the Tour.

The reality TV actress made the kind of logic on the quiz show RTL that’s been used in almost 22 years of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It is rarely admired. She was asked, “What is the multiplication that the so-called multiplication table usually ends with?” The choices were 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 20 x 20 and 100 x 100. For Burdecki, the issue was quite straightforward: D – because “this is the biggest of them all”. On the other hand, I left out the correct answer 20 x 20 with the judgment “still low”. Fortunately, the Joker phoned candidate Daniel Hartwich back into the elementary school math track.

Gauche warns Burdecki

“Children, the show never ends.” Even for Gauch, the four-hour special was sometimes delayed. Frankly, Bordeki had only a limited role in this matter. However, in the end, she slowed down for a long time to ask a question that everyone present had mentally long ago stopped her from. “I don’t argue anymore. I’ll take what you say next,” Gauch threatened at one point. The logical conclusion: silence. “Deep down, I’m really a smart, intelligent woman,” said Burdecki and came out with 15,555 euros that she donated to build wells in Senegal.

Bordiki’s massive applause cannot be explained by the relatively modest gains alone. “The exhilaration has never been greater,” said the host. After Burdecki’s departure, he and several former nominees in the studio laughed heartily and in relief. Then it rang from behind the scenes: “Mr. Gauch, I can hear you!” In the special broadcast of Episode 1500, new earning levels were played for number schnapps. I started with just one coin. The grand prize was one and a half million euros.

Only Janos Bigerl approached him. The former candidate as the Joker sat in the studio as usual, but was suddenly asked to return on the hot seat. That was – like everything in the special edition – also a surprise to Josh, in this case a wonderful surprise: “No, it’s a blast. I think that’s a great number.” Usually, candidates are only allowed to guess the main prize once. In previous specials, RTL made exceptions for the unlucky.

Pigerl plays again in WWM

Pigerl definitely deserved a second chance. He had a realistic chance of €2 million in the Gamer special. However, it was reduced to a thousand euros in the third and final question for 750 thousand euros. This time the sympathetic Cologne man returned to the penultimate tour, but was content with €133,333. In the middle of the interesting question of 555,555 euros, one of the many sirens on the Christmas program went off. “What else is there?” Gauch yelled, a little annoyed. The sign announced distinguished guests. Previous winners Oliver Bucher and Barbara Schonberger went looking for clues behind the scenes. Other friends of the show took the opportunity to congratulate Jauch and ask questions, including Catherine Müller-Hohenstein, Waldemar Hartmann (“Joker’s Dial Hearts”) and Gregor Jesse.

Knowledge acquisition was often limited. But the public learned that Gauch had absolutely no ambitions for a political position. On the one hand, he never belonged to a party, and on the other hand, he wasn’t “too bargaining”: “I totally miss that Merkley’s calmness” The presenter makes no concessions when it comes to his leisure wardrobe. “I don’t have sweatpants at home. I agree with Karl Lagerfeld.” A fashion designer once equated jogging pants with losing control of one’s life. Instead, the 64-year-old wears jeans with a T-shirt or jacket in his spare time. And if you didn’t know: In September 2007 the presenter was seen wearing glasses in the studio for the first time. “Live with a disability and stand by it,” he commented on the stretch of his hand in the chest pocket of his jacket.

Just a short summer vacation

With the remaining candidates on the special show, WWM made some adjustments to the stubborn candidates. Ursula Staculitz, who is retired from Ramscheid, has made 160 entries in the contest competition. “It’s a lifelong dream come true,” Gauch said, commenting on a profit of 15,555 euros. Francesca Neglin of Constance once made requests for herself and her twin husband, but her younger sister was accepted. She totally wanted to surpass the €64,000 result from 2017: “Now I’m here to show that I can do better.” In the end, the candidate had to admit defeat in the family competition in the amount of 55,555 euros. “Broadcast time isn’t endless today either,” Gauch urged in a recent question-and-answer session. Then Burdecki came.

Use the medium of the end of the special edition for a brief conclusion. “Thank you, it was fun and not over yet,” assured the impression that early retirement for WWM is not an issue. On the contrary: the program usually takes several months of summer vacation. However, that is significantly shorter this year. “We’ll be back in mid-July,” Gauch announced.

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