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Guest of Information Shines on franceinfo, Steve Pascolo is back in the revolution with the messenger RNA vaccine and the role it could play in fighting cancer.

After Covid-19, will RNA messenger beat cancer? “Yes, it is a revolution that began twenty years agoSteve Pascolo, researcher at the University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland), explained Friday, April 16th, on the program “Information Shines” on franceinfo 27.

“There are obstacles that must continue to improve, but now the anti-cancer RNA vaccines are being combined with other treatments and they are giving excellent results.”

Steve Pascolo is a researcher at the University Hospital Zurich

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Ceylon Steve Pascolo ”Soon, anti-cancer RNA vaccines will be approved for use with other treatments“.

There are also many other uses for synthetic RNA for coronary heart disease, cystic fibrosis, skin diseases, and genetic diseases. There is a whole lot of possibilities (…) all of this is being developed and accelerated.“, he added.

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