Volkswagen: Job alert!  The group is expanding strongly here

Salzgitter. Are you interested in a job at Volkswagen? Then there’s the good news: The collection is growing!

And Volkswagen Starting with her own battery company, hardworking employees are still being sought for the team at Salzgitter.

The management of the Volkswagen battery company is clear

Volkswagen has now officially announced who will take over the new battery company: Frank Blume! He has worked with Volkswagen for four years and has a lot of experience in this position. Bloom has already worked as a manager at Daimler and Continental.

Its main mission: to expand the Volkswagen battery business so that the group can establish itself as a manufacturer of cells worldwide. According to VW, Blume will start operating the battery company on July 1.

Volkswagen is looking for new employees

In order to carry out the plans at all, VW first needs reinforcements in the battery team. The crew will be increased from 750 to 1,200 employees “in a short time”. “Out of about 500 vacancies, more than 200 will be filled from abroad,” the group says.

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All activities related to the battery value chain fall under the scope of responsibility. VW is primarily looking for chemists, electrical engineers, process planners and quality personnel. (MBI)


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