Victoria Swarovski with XXL neckline and mega leg slit
Editorial videoEditorial video | 05/07/2022 11:46 am

Oh la la! Friday evening, Victoria Swarovski again a real feast for the eyes. The presenter of ‘Let’s Dance’ was wearing a strapless black shiny dress in which he turned his head. Victoria Swarovski, always turning heads at ‘Let’s Dance’. “Besides confirming the costumes of the best performing dances and glamor stars and professionals – presenter Victoria Swarovski (28) is inspired every week with her new look. She wants to show off her glamorous side – in the 10th week in black. Gave an in-depth look with the slit, Victoria Swarovski gave a live show and gave an in-depth look again, you can see in the video above that she has to be careful not to slip anything in this dress – otherwise you will definitely have seen everything. After receiving bad reviews, this time he seems to fit the taste of the audience. Hidden ideas abound. But Victoria is so beautiful!


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