Spice Girls legend and fashion designer Victoria Beckham has expressed concern that her daughter Harper is growing up at a time when hate speech is rampant on the internet. She admitted in an interview with Vogue that she feared hate speech would negatively affect her 10-year-old. STYLEBOOK reveals why.

After all these years in the public eye, Victoria Beckham knows how things work. Rise to Fame While the media can write whatever they want about women’s bodies, the entrepreneur is thrilled that body positivity is being celebrated today. “From fat to skinny, I was called out for everything across the board! After I gave birth to my son Brooklyn, there was a photo on the front page of a newspaper showing every part of my body I needed to focus on to lose weight,” the entrepreneur said in an interview. Today, that is no longer possible.”

Because of this experience, Victoria and David Beckham are now doing everything they can to protect the mental health of their children. Victoria Beckham recently admitted to banning her youngest daughter, Haper Seven, from using social media.

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“Harper is not on social media, so we have nothing to worry about yet. But when I see how tough people are, yes, that worries me.” She’s at the age when her body is starting to change, but “it’s important that we communicate a lot as a family and surround herself with good friends. But it’s so scary, I can’t lie about it.”

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Harper Beckham makes fun of her mother’s clothes

Victoria also smiled that Harper also made fun of former Spice Girls outfits. “She said to me recently, ‘Mom, I’ve seen pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were unacceptable. They were too short. Then I asked her if she wouldn’t wear skirts like that.’ Which Harper vehemently denied—well, we’ll see…”

The Beckham family: a talented family

With the exception of their daughter, all of Beckham’s children have sought careers in the spotlight: Cruz, 17, focuses on music, Romeo, 19, wants to become a soccer player like his father, and Brooklyn, 23, has his own life. Online cooking show. When asked if she is worried about her future in public, the 48-year-old calmly replied, “You want to support them and do whatever you can to help them. But it also makes you a little nervous because you never want anyone to be rude to your kids. But you can’t Plan for it anyway.”

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– VB Forever: Victoria Beckham fully embraces herself, Vogue Australia


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