Variant Omicron: This annoying new symptom that manifests itself while eating

Since the emergence of the Omicron variant, several less common symptoms have been detected. Again the list goes on…

Firmly, Omicron will always surprise us. After digestive upsets, night sweats, sleep paralysis or anorexia, researchers discovered new symptoms in patients with the Omicron variant.

According to a Swedish study published on February 15 in the journal Journal of Internal MedicinePatients may experience discomfort and pain when swallowing. To get that note, the researchers analyzed the files of 20 positive patients between January 1 and January 23, 2022, reported. In fact, many patients were cared for by hospital ENT departments for symptoms that initially cause epiglottitis, an inflammation of the epiglottis (located at the level of the larynx that is used to block the entrance during swallowing).

What is epiglottitis?

Originally, this disease was known to be infantile, but now thanks to the vaccination against this bacterium, cases of epiglottitis are very rare. However, this disease can be very dangerous and in some cases may be fatal. the reason ? This can cause a risk of laryngeal obstruction. According to the researchers, these symptoms and the Omicron variant should not be taken lightly “It appears to primarily affect the upper airways and cause acute laryngitis without olfactory impairment.” It is clear that the Omicron variant is more manifested in sore throat and runny nose, not to mention these new symptoms that bother swallowing. What do you think ?


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