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Valentina Pahde and Rúrik Gíslason are seen together again! In fact

The confusion of Valentina Bahde And Rurik Kislason: Now a photo shows the two reuniting!

At Valentina Bahde And Rurik Kislason It goes back and forth: the two stars, who got to know each other through last “Let’s Dance” season, have been rumored again and again over the past few months: whether they are a couple or not.

Valentina Bahde And Rurik Kislason: Rumors of a split! – endfragment ->! – startfragment ->

The GZSZ actress and former kicker never answered this question, but the photos of them holding hands on a tour of a dance show speak a lot, like holiday photos of a trip together. But last week came a shock.

The “Built” newspaper reported that the couple may have split up. There was talk of jealousy. The newspaper says Rúrik Gíslason discovered he drew the line and wanted to take his belongings out of her apartment. It was not known until the last whether this was true.

Show new photos Valentina And Rurik believed

In this situation, a photo has been released which has caused a great stir. Valentina Pahde and Rúrik Gíslason do not seem to be estranged from each other. In the post, “Promiflash” is available, Both seem serious, but still familiar.

Valentina Pahde GZSZStars

GZSZ star Valentina Bahte: She’s inspiring with the beautiful mane

This year’s “Let’s Dance” tour ends on Sunday … read more”

In addition The blonde impressed Iceland. This picture was taken on Monday in the Dusseldorf area of ​​downtown. The last show of the “Let’s Dance” tour took place there on Sunday evening. Valentina announced in her Instagram story that she is now back in Berlin. Will Rurik come with you?! – endfragment ->! – startfragment ->

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