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USA: Historians consider Donald Trump one of the worst presidents in history

USA: Historians consider Donald Trump one of the worst presidents in history

He was a former president of the United States Donald Trump In the end, maybe he’s not as “great” as he’d always wanted his constituents to believe? At least a dozen American historians came to a miserable conclusion in a survey of the fortunes of the 45th president’s government. In a rating by broadcaster C-Span, Trump is only fourth from last in an overall comparison with all other former heads of state.

C-Span performed by Poll for the fourth time With this, a total of 142 historians and “professional observers” participated, an increase of about 50 percent from the last survey in 2017. The respondents were also more diverse this time around, according to the broadcaster. Participants were asked about the leadership skills of leaders in ten different areas. Trump was included for the first time.

Miserable scores in ‘moral authority’ and ‘management skills’.

Experts still judge Trump’s ability to persuade the public relatively lightly. Here the Republicans drop to the 32nd place. Even in «economic management» it is enough to occupy the 34th place. On the other hand, at the bottom of the ranking, respondents see it in the areas of “moral authority” and “management skills”. If you combine all areas with each other, then »no. 45 «ranked 41.

The experts went even harder with three other bosses. They ranked the skills of Presidents Franklin Pierce (1853-1857), Andrew Johnson (1865-1869), and James Buchanan (1857-1861) lower. The fact that only 44 presidents are represented in the ranking is due to the fact that Grover Cleveland ruled for two non-consecutive terms, but was evaluated only once.

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At the top of the Republican ranking is Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865). As in previous polls, the opponent of slavery took first place in almost all categories and was ahead of the founding father and first president George Washington.

For George W. Bush, things always get better

Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama It makes up two places compared to the previous ranking and is now in 10th place. In contrast, historians now evaluate Obama’s predecessor better than ever George W. Bush. In 2009 he started at number 36, and is now at number 21 Bill Clinton He went up quite a bit, and now he’s 19th.


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