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HomescienceUnvaccinated students will only be expelled if classroom contamination occurs

Unvaccinated students will only be expelled if classroom contamination occurs

This Wednesday morning, Franceinfo guest Jean-Michel Blanquer gave the first indications regarding the upcoming academic year. The Minister of National Education said only unvaccinated middle and high school students would have to take distance learning courses if a Covid case was detected in their class. The pollinator will be able to continue face to face. “It is clearly a strong incentive for vaccinationI acknowledge.

He said primary school classes will be closed from the first positive case. “We maintain public rule“The school passed,” he added.It was a reinforced precautionary measure, so we are maintaining this rule for primary education because students have not been vaccinated.“.

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6000 to 7000 vaccination centers were deployed at the beginning of the school year

In response to a question about discrimination between students, the minister said:Mind in terms of lesser evil. We don’t think in terms of the ideal“.”Each time, we did our best with regards to the massive limitations. There, in this case, the goal is educational continuity. They certainly have less disruption this year than they could have had last year, especially if we can vaccinate as many students and adults. When you are vaccinated you do not risk infecting others, while if you are vaccinated you do so.“.

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To strive for the maximum vaccination rate in secondary education, “6000 to 7000 vaccination centersIt will be published from the beginning of the school year.indoors or next to itSchools.

Four scenarios according to the circulation of the virus

The health protocol for the year 2021-2022 was published on Wednesday morning on the National Education website and includes “Four scenarios based on four degrees of virus circulationJean-Michel Blanquer said.In the lightest scenario, you no longer have a mask in elementary school, I’m afraid this scenario will not be at the beginning of the school year.‘, advance, specifying that’Our compass remains to keep the school system open“.

With regard to the vaccination of teachers, Jean-Michel Blanquer considered that “the final destination“.The Minister of Education also rejected once again the idea of ​​imposing a health permit to enter the school.”At this point it does not seem necessary to us. The percentage of teachers who received vaccinations is very important and I think it exceeded 80%“, confirmed.”This number should go as far as possible towards 100% so that we don’t have to head towards a vaccination commitment, that’s a last resort. If the percentage of teachers who have been vaccinated is too low, we should go for it‘ However, Mr. Blanker continued.

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