Unvaccinated employees are said to be paying an extra $200 a month for a potential coronavirus treatment

Washington. The president of US airline Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian, announced that he intends, starting in November, to deduct $200 per month from non-vaccinated employees for potential treatment costs in the event of a coronavirus infection.

ABC reporter Sam Sweeney posted a message from the airline on Twitter, justifying the decision by the fact that a hospital stay for a Covid-19 infection costs an average of $40,000. Delta Airlines wants to offset the company’s financial risk with the prize.

Ed Bastian, Delta’s president, wrote in the statement that all Delta employees with coronavirus who were hospitalized in the past few weeks have not been fully vaccinated.

While one can be proud of a 75 per cent vaccination rate, “the aggressiveness of the new variant (note: Bastian refers to the delta variant of coronavirus) means we have to vaccinate more people, as close to 100 per cent as possible”, Platform “MSN” quotes from the head of Delta.

In the US, the government in Washington and some companies have increased pressure on non-vaccinated people for weeks. For example, from September 15, soldiers must be vaccinated. United Airlines has already committed to fully vaccinating its employees by the fall.

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