Ukraine suspects that Russian intelligence is behind a cyber attack

noh he Internet attack Kiev sees “initial indications” of possible involvement of Russian intelligence services on dozens of Ukrainian government websites. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said on Twitter Friday evening that the Ukrainian intelligence service “has received initial indications that hacker groups linked to Russian intelligence” may be behind the massive cyber attack. Meanwhile, the US and Britain warned that Moscow might create a pretext to invade Ukraine. The Kremlin denied the allegations, calling them “baseless”.

In light of the massive deployment of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine, the West fears that Russia is currently preparing to invade the neighboring country after the 2014 annexation of Crimea. The massive cyber attack on government websites in Kiev on Friday night raised more concerns.

Ukrainian Secret Service: not to disclose personal data

Ukrainian Secret Service SBU It was reported that a total of 70 government websites were attacked. In 10 cases, there was “manipulation” but the content was not changed and personal data was not disclosed. The Foreign Ministry website temporarily read “Fear and expect the worst” in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

Also the external representative of the European Union Josep Borrell They considered it “reasonable” that Russia was behind the cyber attack. Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg expressed fears that it was a harbinger of military activities.

Meanwhile, the United States said it understood that Russia was creating a pretext to invade Ukraine. “We have information indicating that Russia has already deployed a group of agents to carry out a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine,” a government spokeswoman said. Jin Psaki.

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