UEFA abolishes the rule of out-of-base goals |  BR24

UEFA abolished the away goals rule in the European Cup. From next season, there will be no difference between goals scored on one’s own court and those scored on someone else’s court. Until now, the rule was that in the event of a tie after the two second leg matches in the knockout stage, the team that scored more away goals would qualify.

After a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said the issue of cancellation had been repeatedly discussed in recent years. It has been repeatedly questioned that the rule was fair.

The rule was introduced in 1965

The away goals rule was introduced in 1965. It was used in the Champions League and European League. However, in UEFA national team competitions, it appears that the away goals rule is still used. In qualifying for the European Championship, for example, home and away matches are played.

In German football, relegation matches are also held according to the so-called European Cup system. However, UEFA rules are not binding on the decision of both high and low players in national football.

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