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Awakened activism is drifting into increasingly absurd realms in the United States.

The Education Trust in Auckland has published an education recommendation that teachers can use to expose their “unconscious racism”. One way: teachers should avoid asking students to correctly solve math problems in math lessons.

The reason: This strengthens “white supremacy” (white supremacy), that is, racism. In other words: Black students in particular must be prevented from solving math problems correctly, or else they will be discriminated against.

The basis for this ridiculous demand is the controversial “critical race theory” in the United States.

This theory assumes that racism that arose during the colonial era is entrenched in every aspect of life, no matter how trite. This goes so far as to declare mathematics invalid – because it is “subjective” – ​​because it was created by white colonial rulers.

broke downThe Education Initiative that made the recommendation is supported by €1 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Critics in the United States warn that this theory does not fight racism, but rather promotes it.

For this reason, several states in the United States have banned critical race theory in the classroom, including Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Montana, and Idaho. Bans are currently being discussed in 10 other states.

Nevertheless, activists continue to lobby – successfully.

The Daily Mail reports that a bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt will be removed in front of the Natural History Museum in New York.

The statue shows the president sitting on a horse. Standing next to him is a Native American and an African American. Here, too, the accusation is: colonial racism!

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But also in Great Britain people like to censor censorship in the name of anti-racism. Recently, Oxford University caused a stir when a portrait of the Queen was hung in a hall. Reason: For some students, the queen represents “modern colonial history.”


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