Singer Jürgen Drews leaves during the series' live broadcast "Every time on Sundays" About the group.

Jürgen Drews, here on “Always Again on Sunday,” recently pulled off the stage for the time being.

Fans can rejoice! Schlager star Jürgen Drews canceled all his concerts at the beginning of July. Now he is making an exception.

What a surprise! In fact, Jürgen Drews (77 years old) is currently taking a break. After a multi-week tour of “Schlagerfest XXL” with Florian Silberizen (40), he canceled all appearances in June.

The Schlager star wanted to protect his health. A few weeks ago, he explained on Instagram, “I’m not as resilient as I used to be.”

ZDF’s ‘Fernsehgarten’: Jürgen Drews celebrates a surprise comeback

The side effects of aging will catch up to him faster and faster. He explained that he will now have to recharge his batteries before he can start again in July.

Now perhaps the longing for the stage had haunted him before. Because on Sunday (June 19) the Schlager star will appear on ZDF channel “Fernsehgarten”. Andrea Kewell (57 years old) announced this in person on Instagram.

You should celebrate and dance. Next to Jürgen Drews stars like Andrea Berg (56), Erin Scherr (73) and Bernhard Brink (70) are also part of the party.

Great day for Schlager fans! There are also Discofox extensions and of course she is in a good mood again from the broker Andrea Kiewel.

Jürgen Drews has yet to comment on his TV comeback in “Fernsehgarten”. It remains to be seen if this month’s performance will remain the same or if other shows are planned. One thing is for sure: fans should be very pleased with his early comeback! (LL)


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