TRUMP STYLES ARIZONA: Republican superstar Carrie Lake wants to sue for her election victory

Trump roads in Arizona
Republican star Carrie Lake wants to sue to win the election

Carrie Lake goes into the midterms as the hope of the Trump camp. In the Arizona gubernatorial election, however, she was narrowly defeated by her Democratic rival. It is now taking legal action against the election organizers.

Republican Carrie Lake wants to challenge her defeat in the Arizona gubernatorial election. Lake has filed lawsuits against several election officials. The lawsuit alleges that “illegal ballots” were cast during polling and that long lines prevented Republicans from voting.

Lake narrowly lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in the early November election. The result was officially confirmed earlier this week. Former TV presenter Lake has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and is among those repeating his baseless claims that Joe Biden won the presidential election through massive fraud. During the campaign, she left the door open on whether she would accept her result in the gubernatorial election. While the count was still in progress, she claimed to have won, but when it became clear that she had lost, doubts were raised about the correct conduct of the elections.

To this day, she has not admitted defeat. Prior to the election, Lake was seen as a shooting star among Republicans. The 53-year-old was expected to defend himself legally against the result. Her lawsuit was also brought against election winner Hobbs, who was previously responsible for conducting elections in state government as Secretary of State.

“Lake Curry needs attention like a fish needs attention,” Hobbs’ office was quoted by local media as saying. The elections were safe and fair. Arizona is one of the contested states in the United States. The former Republican stronghold has recently shifted more and more in favor of the Democrats.


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