Trump Lies: How Murdoch Manipulated Millions With Fox News.

The millionth time political manipulation in the United States has a name: Rupert Murdoch. He knowingly allowed his Fox News anchor to spread the lies of Donald Trump.

Rupert Murdoch is the name of a man who is now over 90 years old. He is the most powerful media man in the United States, including the founder and owner of Fox News, one of the largest television networks in the country. What is now known about him means nothing less than the systematic manipulation of millions of Americans. It is a media scandal of propaganda and brainwashing of historic proportions that continues to escalate.

The impetus for the current scandal was a lawsuit, worth billions, that Canadian voting machine manufacturer Dominion Voting Systems filed against Fox News for willfully publishing false claims. In addition to the far-right broadcaster Newsmax, Fox News is said to have spread Donald Trump and his aides’ lie after the 2020 election that voting machines were rigged in favor of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

"Fox News"Chef: Rupert Murdoch (91)
Fox News Chairman: Rupert Murdoch (91). (Those: Lev Radin via

Lying to your better judgment?

Rupert Murdoch, the Fox News mogul, also had to testify in the process, speaking out, according to protocols that can now be viewed, about Trump’s electoral lies. “Yes, some commentators have echoed that,” he admitted at trial. He himself had questioned allegations of massive election fraud from the start. Murdoch defended himself in court that his announcer was the first to report then-crucial Arizona as a victory for Joe Biden.

His testimony fuels suspicions that Fox News has repeated voter fraud millions of times, even though officials knew better. A tale that eventually culminated in the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

At least Rupert Murdoch allowed the lie to be spread without interference. Or the 91-year-old can no longer assert his influence at Fox News. Instead, station managers appear to be influential. Nationally known media stars like far-right conspiracy ideologist Tucker Carlson have continued to operate on their own and crank the lie machine for Trump. Her biggest concern seems to be the low ratings of Trump supporters.

Trump spokeswoman Tucker Carlson

This emerges, for example, from previously published correspondence between Tucker Carlson and his producer shortly after the election in November 2020. “We’ve worked hard to build what we’ve got,” he wrote, berating the colleagues who ran the troubled election night as “these idiots.” Because “those motherfuckers” will destroy the credibility of Fox News. “It pisses me off,” Carlson said.

Apparently, the moderator was also afraid of Trump’s wrath. He wrote because he was so good at “wrecking things.” “It can easily destroy us if we do something wrong.” When Fox News officially declared Joe Biden the winner of the entire presidential election a little later, Tucker Carlson wrote to his producer again: “Do executives understand how much credibility and trust we’ve lost with our audience? We’re already playing with fire.” Still, the spearhead at Fox News who questioned the legality of Joe Biden’s election. Without his echo, Trump’s calls likely would have died down long ago.

Still very close to the ex-boss: "Fox News"Moderator Tucker Carlson
He’s still very close to the former boss: Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Credit: IMAGO/Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire)

Fox News does not want to take responsibility

What emerged from the trial files was, it seems, nothing less than a dastardly plan: Americans were duped millions of times over to unconstitutionally keep Donald Trump in power, to win ratings and profits in the billions from an audience that had been radicalized for years, and for their own fame. Not only Tucker Carlson participated, but also other famous announcers: Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs. And of course Rupert Murdoch.


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