Adjusting for body and mind

Adjusting for body and mind

Feel better, be healthier, and above all, work faster and better in the stressful everyday life. There are some things we can transform to improve ourselves. Biohackers, for example, systematically interfere with their biology and turn health hacks into good habits. It’s about making the best version of yourself, and in order to do that you need to know what’s good for you, how you can function better, and the ways your body responds in the first place.

American biohacker and “lifestyle expert” Dave Asprey describes biohacking as follows: “It is the art and science of changing the environment around and within you so that you can fully control your own biology.” So it’s always do-it-yourself. And the environment around you. Only when we understand the connection will we be able to consciously influence both balance and enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Everything is new

The key is to change the body’s program. Like a hacker who wants to change a computer program, self-proclaimed biohackers try to improve the body’s program through stimuli – for example by fasting during intense exercise. It is said that over-exploitation is what puts our genes into a different state of functioning. Not only well-being and health can be improved, but also our sleep. Sleep Labs serves as a tool for self-improvement, followed by new habits for better nights. Then there is self-improvement using light. Graz startup Luminousred, for example, is using this idea to specifically intervene in improving our longevity. Certain wavelengths of light are said to have a positive effect on cells and thus enhance our health in the long run. “Photomodulation is light spectrum specific in the 600 to 900 nanometer range. On the one hand, we have red light here, which penetrates the skin millimeter deep and supports skin and hair growth. The other side of the spectrum is near infrared light, which is absorbed deep into tissues, all the way to to cells, and can support muscle recovery, hormonal balance, increase physical and mental flexibility and sleep,” explain the co-founders, Barbara Cekowska and Thomas Leichner. The interesting thing about how it works: It’s a cold light that doesn’t produce heat and can therefore fuel cells for longer without causing potentially negative side effects like burning the skin.

organic control

The truth is that our lifespans are expanding, we are living longer and the population is aging. But living longer often means spending the last 12 years of life in a degenerative state. “We are bedridden and no longer actively involved in our lives. In order to make a positive impact for our people, we want to start with extending the health period,” says Barbara Cekolowska. “At the end of the day, nature hacking is all about taking back control of your biology, and maybe everyone should figure out for themselves the ways.” Best for “bioghackers” themselves.

Homo Deuce?

However, realistic body modifications can also be made with individual medicine. “With gene probes via harmless viruses, it is now technically possible to introduce missing or individually modified genes into the body. The production of such viruses, which are Working as a means of inserting genes, it would also be possible in a biohacking lab. Experimenting and working with modified genetic material to upgrade the human body is no longer science fiction. While international biotechnology conferences are examining how the latest features, like microchips under the skin, can be used to send contact information via Bluetooth To replace the business cards, other transhumanists, such as the rock star of this scene, Josiah Zayner, are contemplating the further evolution of the human race beyond their current physical and mental limits.Homo deus may only be a few decades away.


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