Trump hotels are said to have increased Secret Service fees

If Trump and his family stayed in the family’s group hotels, security guards also had to stay there. It may have been overpriced for that.

The company of former US President Donald Trump is said to have billed Secret Service employees for hotel stays far higher than what was officially approved during his tenure. Up to five times more were paid to night security guards at Trump hotels to protect the former president and his family from government-allowed tariffs in such cases.

This was announced by the chair of the appropriate committee in the US Congress, Caroline Maloney, to Director of the Secret Service Kimberly Chettle, in a letter on Monday. She asked Cheatle to provide the Committee with full information on this matter.

Expense reports indicate that the Trump Organization charged significantly higher amounts than usual on 40 occasions — in one case, about $1,185 for a one-night stay at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. This could have cost US taxpayers at least $1.4 million.

Maloney wrote that “exorbitant prices” and “frequent agent visits to Trump-owned properties” raise serious concerns that Trump may have been self-serving.


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