Autumn Square in Pegasus - The horse flies on its back
Pegasus is flying upside down across the sky above Jupiter these weeks.

Pegasus is flying upside down across the sky above Jupiter these weeks. (Stellarium)

It is easy to find it this year: it is located above the unmissable planet Jupiter. This is the brightest point of light in the night sky.

The amazing square forms the horse’s torso. The star in the lower right is followed by a long, flat triangle representing the neck and head. The front legs are two strings of fainter stars starting from the top right.

So for us the horse is lying on its back. To distant observers in the Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, Pegasus runs upright across the northern sky.

The streak of bright stars in Andromeda can be considered as its hind legs. For us, it joins the fall square at the top left.

According to legend, Pegasus is the son of the sea god Poseidon and Medusa. The horse jumped from Medusa’s trunk after Perseus had cut off her snake-haired head. She flew away from the mother’s body to the Helicon Mountains. When his hoof touched the ground when he descended, a spring of Hippocrane, sacred to artists, flowed there.

In ancient China, the square was divided into two people. The right side represents Shi, one of the ruler’s many palaces – the stars on the left wall of the Imperial Library.

The prominent square now dominates the evening sky and flies far to the southwest after midnight.


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