Total TV Wok World Cup: start and broadcast dates

“TV total Wok-WM”: ProSieben has announced a new edition of “The Mother of All TV-Total Events”. Here you can find out when to start. What are the broadcast times? We have collected all the important information for you.

After seven years of rest, “Television Total World Cup Walk”. ProSieben Once again on the nation’s screens. when Exactly? Find it here. We also have some interesting information about the racing event for you.

Stefan Rapp’s invention – celebrities skating on an ice rink in a frying pan – was alive between 2003 and 2015 ProSieben to see. The original crazy idea became a permanent institution. ProSiebenCEO Daniel Rosman on the planned new release: “The TV total Wok World Cup” is the mother of all “TV total” events. In the winter of 2022/2023, everything that belongs together comes together: wok and ice rink, genius and madness, tradition and Olympic spirit, sports and ambition, “world cup wok tv total” and ProSieben. “

The World Cup Wok was invented by Stefan Raab.

Photo: M. Balk, dpa (archive photo)

When does the new version of “TV total Wok-WM” start?

ProSieben “TV total Wok-WM” reboot announced for Saturday 12 November 2022. The scene is Winterberg in Sauerland. The broadcaster still keeps the broadcast time a secret. Since the press release related to the World Cup Wok’s ProSieben– You made the highlights of the fall, you don’t have to be entirely wrong with “Primetime” advice.


“TV total Wok-WM”: broadcast dates

Unfortunately, aside from the start on 11/12/22, other broadcast dates have yet to be leaked. We’re excited about the aftermath of the stealthy Asian frying pan and will report here as soon as we learn more.


The names of the potential candidates have not yet been released. In any case, they will walk in fairly large shoes:

Three-time Olympic bobsleigh champion George “Shurch” Huckle leads the current medal table at the World Walking Championships with a total of nine gold medals in the one pan. Stefan Rapp and Joe Kelly follow three-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Felix Loch and two-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Christoph Langen, each with three gold medals in the Wok World Championship standings.


Also wraps around this topic ProSieben So far in silence. Experts assume that new TV Total presenter and rap successor Sebastian Povpaf will somehow take part in the races on the Ice Channel, but his exact role has not yet appeared in the public eye.

Between 2003 and 2015, these major brokers were in operation:

  • Kai Flame
  • Oliver who
  • Matthias Obdenhofel
  • Stephen Gaten

Transfer “Television Total World Cup Walk ‘in Television

Of course, the hot race on the ice cold track became quite traditional on the linear TV show ProSieben On – from Saturday 12 November 2022. If you’d rather have it digital at the same time, you’re with the streaming service Gwen In good hands. There, the program runs in parallel – on all conceivable peripherals.

Repetition “Television Total Wok-WM’: Can you watch an entire episode for free?

If you are If you have something else planned for your linear broadcast date or want or want to be freelance for other reasons, we can also help you Gwen for the heart. The show doesn’t just run at the same time there – you can also watch the repetitions for a while and you can let the races melt in your mouth again at your leisure.

In the basic version is Gwen Free. If you want something more comfortable, the premium version should be the best choice Gwen Plus Be the right choice for you. The first 30 days are free here too. According to its quote, the streaming service offers a “huge selection of movies and series,” more than 70 live TV channels (including eight pay-TV channels), new assets and exclusive content and “amazing HD quality” – whether as an app or in the browser. . No satellite or cable connection required. Subscription can be canceled monthly, prices are correct as of June 2022.

Gwen is the joint broadcasting service of the television company ProSieben-Sat.1 – the group also includes, for example ProSieben MAXXAnd the six timesAnd the 1. CableAnd the 1. Cable tissueAnd the Saturday 1 He wentAnd the Max cathedralsAnd the wetter.comAnd the And the


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