Tomorrow is coming new skins, shoes, back bling, emotes and free spray!  •

Even if the end of the season is imminent with the Fortnite Season 8 Live event and the new Chapter 3 of Fortnite awaits us, Epic Games has quickly announced a new Fortnite X Jordan Crossover to mark the return of “Air Jordan XI Cool Gray” to celebrate. There are also new skins, backlink and emote. You can also get a free spray at the linked LTM “Jumpman Zone.” You can find out the details of the new items below.

It’s possible that the look of Fortnite Jordan (again) isn’t what you expect

In the ninth season of Chapter 1, Epic Games started a crossover with basketball legend Michel Jordan. At the time, the fan base still thought there would be a straightforward Jordan look like the latter with Fortnite X Lebron James, but the whole thing turned out to be a “only” partnership with the Jordan shoe store – the two “Jordan-inspired” wear the clutch. And Nike Air Jordans “grid” their feet at the time.

Fortnite is now working again with Jordan to celebrate the return of the Air Jordan XL 11 Cool Gray, and this time there are two leathers – male, and female in 3 styles each – which, you guessed it, has nothing to do with Michael Jordan having to do. So if you were hoping to get Jordan’s look in Fortnite as a true replica, unfortunately it won’t work again, because there are clothes and other things inspired by Jordan.

This is what the new Fortnite X Jordan Skins look like.

The three style models of the two leathers are kept in the elegant “Cool Gray” color to match the Air 11 Jordans color scheme. For male skin, called “Hangtime”, there are style variants “Playmaker” and “MVP”. The female skin is called “Swish” and comes with “Crossover” and “Downtown” styles.

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If you take a closer look at the skins, you will most likely notice that the skins are not new models, but the skins of Marius and Ruby, which were recently worn. Marius is originally an unusual skin that was introduced on May 11, 2021 in Chapter 2 Season 6 with update 16.40. On the other hand, Ruby is the rare outfit that first came to the store on September 25, 2019 with Chapter One Season X (Update 10.40).

The collection also includes the new Air Jordan 11 Cool Gray shoe as a matching sparkle, which is simply called “Cool Gray,” and an emote called “Dunk on ‘Em.” All Jordan items will be available in the in-game store starting December 2, 2021 (1:00 AM). We assume that the items will be available as a bundle and as individual components.

“Air Jordan XL 11 Cool Gray” is available as a rear accessory for the Fortnite X Jordan Crossover.


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