Indie Arena Booth starts today and offers more than 250 games on your screen •

This year, Arena Booth once again brings interactive events, demos, and streams to all indie music fans. Today’s start shot.

Gamescom time is also indie time. Today, on opening day Night Live, the gates will also open on Arena Booth with 279 games that will be digitally highlighted. Sometimes it’s the smallest games that put the heart and soul into it.

Here’s what awaits you in the independent Wonderland:

Along with gamescom 2021, Indie Arena Booth has created plenty of events and shows to bring you some of the best indie games of the year. Until August 29, 2021, you can catch some great titles with demos, streaming, and other events that might have stayed under your radar until now.

Summercamp of the Dome: A virtual event where you can join for free from August 25-29, 2021 can share. After registering, an interactive role-playing world awaits you where you can explore different stations. You can create a character for yourself and you can interact with developers and visitors in a digital theme park – just like at a trade fair.

the summer
This is what an MMO gallery looks like.

Demo and sales on steam And Gog: In keeping with Summer Camp of Doom, there are discounts or demos for all Arena Booth titles. So you can try dozens of games right away.

Twitch events: Indie Arena Booth will present Let’s Plays offers and prizes every day from August 25, 2021 until the end of gamescom at 3:30 PM GST. Shay Thompson and Andrea Rene are also in the stream. give up streaming plan Twitch.

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gamescom: The wonderful indies It presents more than 40 unique games on August 26, 2021 and has chosen a very special location, Venice Beach. The rainy weather here in Germany really makes you jealous. Those who cannot attend, content themselves with the broadcast, which begins at 8:30 p.m.

gamescom EPIX Progress fun event, where registered users of the site can complete tasks on different social media platforms in order to win prizes. A wild story about the evil Fearture and his army of evil bugs that you must stop brings excitement to “real life multiplayer”.


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